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Captain Gary Bryant

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Established: 1997

Captain Gary Bryant
USGC 100 Ton Master Licensed Captain

Red Eye
36' Topaz

The Red Eye is a 1982 36' Topaz that is continually being upgraded.  She has been given all new paint, tower, rails, motors, transmissions, props, and shafts.  The interior was also entirely redone.  THIS IS A BOAT THAT BEGS TO BE FISHED!  She has a proven hull that can take whatever the Gulf throws her way and has all of the amenities to keep you fishing in style and comfort.

Some of the features of the Red Eye are:
  • Heated and Air Conditioned Cabin
  • Shower
  • Microwave
  • CD Player
  • Lots of Comfortable Seating
  • Fast Cruise Speed

Where did the name Red Eye come from?

The fishing addiction is an expensive and time consuming endeavor.  It is the lack of funds and time that lead to the name Red Eye.  In the late 80's I was still working my way through college.  I was trailering a 23' boat to the coast to fish.  I could only fish on the weekends and barely had gas money for the truck and boat.  The solution was for us to wait till around midnight on Friday and then make the Red Eye run to the coast.  This way we got to the coast and would have the boat in the water at daylight.  We would fish all day on Saturday. We then only had to get a hotel room for one night.  We would be back out Sunday morning for another day of fishing.  Late Sunday evenings we would load up and drive back home.  Everyone involved would have a good case of Red Eye on Monday morning.  Over the years we have changed boats but kept the name.

The Mojo
36' Topaz

Jay Andrews

We have added another Charter Boat to our fleet. The Mojo is a 1984 36' Topaz. She is ready and willing to get your group out on the water. This boat specializes in family friendly trips. We offer 4 hour near shore trolling trips fishing for Redfish, King Mackerel and Spanish Mackerel. During our Summer Red Snapper season The Mojo does all 6 hour trips for the ever popular Red Snapper.

The Mojo is Captained by Jay Andrews. Captain Jay has had several successful years at the helm of The Mojo and is ready to show your group a good time on the water.

Rig Runner
32' Twin Vee Catamaran

Cliff Adams

The Rig Runner is a 32' Twin Vee Catamaran. She is powered by twin 300 Yamaha outboards. You have heard that catamarans run smooth and fast. That is absolutely true with this boat. She has a huge open deck for ample fishing room. We have a custom built fish box that was sized for loading up on Yellowfin tuna. This boat will offer you a comfortable ride weather you are trolling the beach or trolling a drill ship a hundred miles offshore. We have comfortable seating for everyone and bean bags for folks wanting to kick back on the ride to find the big ones. We also have a head in the console for those needing bathroom facilities.

The speed of the Rig Runner allows it to fish farther offshore. This works great in conjuction with our other boats. The Rig Runner is our go to boat for tuna fishing. We are able to use her speed to offer 12 hour, 18 hour, and 24 hour tuna trips. When doing our 6, 8, 10, or 12 hour bottom fishing trips the Rig Runner is able to go farther and spend less time traveling. This lets you fish on less pressured spots and target big fish.

The Rig Runner is Captained by Cliff Adams. Captain Cliff joined the Red Eye Charters team in 2015. He has a wide variety of fishing experience both offshore and inshore. He is a customer favorite and will keep you entertained while catching fish.


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